These are articles I wrote for NASA’s LROC blog. Enjoy reading them! And don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog posts (called Featured Images) written by other scientists working on the mission.


Littered Wrinkles

Fresh, But Not So Clean

Donut Holes

A Rille to Rover Over

Rough Around the Edges

Tender Tendrils

Elongated Crater

Jagged Rim

Small Clearing

Lavoisier Pyroclastics

Square-ish Crater

Layering Waves

Lavoisier Crater

Jackson’s Complexity

X Marks the Spot

Impact Art

Tsiolkovskiy Central Peak Oblique

3D Moon!

Synthetic Views of the Moon

Karpinskiy Floor Fractures

Karpinskiy Crater

Partially Flooded Rim

Oblique Image of Concentric Crater